Which Came First? The MagnumDisk or the Egg?

Posted by Justin Brandt on May 31, 2016 2:48:21 PM

When it comes to pressure control disks, there’s only one name trusted around the world for superior wellbore isolation: MagnumDisk™. But what you don’t know is the interesting story behind the design of the MagnumDisk™. When our President/CEO Lynn Frazier was a young boy, his father called him to the chicken coop one evening to gather eggs. His father handed him an egg and placed it in his hand vertically, he told him to squeeze it as hard as he could to see if he could break it, Lynn cupped the egg in his hand and squeezed as hard as he possibly could, but the egg wouldn't break. The egg’s unique shape gives it tremendous strength despite its thin shell. Eggs are similar in shape to a three-dimensional arch, one of the strongest architectural forms. 

Fast-forward to 1997, like all Magnum products, Lynn was presented with a challenge to develop a specific solution to a customer’s problem. At this time, all existing differential tools had a thick flat glass as a barrier and were very difficult to break. The customer needed a barrier as thin as possible, but as strong as possible to be able to hold back enormous pressures. During the design phase, Lynn reflected back on that moment with his dad in the chicken coup and created the one of a kind design for the product we now call the MagnumDisk™. If you look at the shape of a ceramic disk, the top of the disk is almost identical to that of an egg.

In July of 1999, Lynn was issued his first patent for the MagnumDisk™ and it continues to be one of the most popular Magnum products because of its simplicity, reliability and cost effectiveness. See for yourself.

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Guess Who's Single? The All New I-MAG.

Posted by Justin Brandt on May 17, 2016 4:35:00 PM
Making Our Customer A Hero is more than a slogan on a wall; it’s the DNA that drives our company. It’s that DNA that drove our engineers to develop the Single Interventionless Magnumdisk™ (I-MAG). The all new SINGLE I-MAG™ uses the same design as our field proven Dual Interventionless MagnumDisk™ with a higher level of efficiency and accuracy during the casing installation process.  

For more on the Magnum SINGLE I-MAG™ click here.

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Every Operator Needs an ACE in the Hole

Posted by Cameron Tringali on Apr 12, 2016 2:46:08 PM

At Magnum Oil Tools, we understand our customers' challenges and innovate to meet their needs. Our latest advancement in wellbore isolation technology answers the call for a fully composite frac plug. The Magnum ACE™ is simple in design and reliable in performance.

Complete with Confidence. Complete with Magnum.


  • New fully composite design
  • Anti-preset design
  • No tungsten carbide or aluminum 
  • Composite mandrel aids in fast drill-outs and time saved
  • Can be deployed on wireline, coiled tubing, tubing or drill pipe
  • Designed for horizontal or vertical wells
  • Setting is done via a universal setting sleeve and adapter
  • Positive lock-up feature to ensure lock-up of multiple plugs in a single wellbore
  • Patented technology


For more information on the ACE™, click here.

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Snub Nose™ CTS reduces metallic content by 48%

Posted by Justin Brandt on Mar 15, 2016 12:09:07 PM

At Magnum Oil Tools, we have been tirelessly working to increase completion efficiency and improve well economics through our designed-for-purpose technology. Our efforts are driven by customer collaboration. We are continuously evolving our product offerings based on the specific needs of our customers.

We are proud to announce the next addition to the Snub Nose™ product line: the Snub Nose™ Composite Top Slip (CTS). Utilizing our new, innovative composite slip technology, the Snub Nose™ (CTS) drastically improves well completion efficiency by reducing metallic content downhole. The new composite top slip yields a 48% reduction in metallic content, which allows for faster mill-out times while still offering the reliability for which Magnum is known. Saving both time and money, the Snub Nose™ (CTS) will provide you with the efficiency you need to get the job done.

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The Value of Customer Intimacy in a down Market

Posted by Lizzie Tave on Feb 29, 2016 4:24:58 PM

As the oil and gas industry continues to experience a downturn, companies are faced with the difficult task of finding ways to stand out from the crowd. As prices and products become more closely aligned throughout the market, it becomes increasingly more difficult to differentiate your products from the competition. Thus, customer intimacy has now become vital to the success of any company in a volatile market. Here are a few of the biggest benefits:

  1. Innovation through Collaboration

When you develop close relationships with your customers, they can offer you a wealth of knowledge about what type of products they need. You have the ability to innovate together with your customer based on what challenges you can overcome for them. Collaborating with your customers allows you to address each of their individual needs and tackle their specific challenges with innovative, designed for purpose solutions.

  1. Customer Loyalty

When you continuously offer reliable products or services that are suited specifically to your customer’s needs, it most often leads to a strong sense of loyalty to your brand. Because of positive prior experiences, your customers will come to you first when in need of a new product or service, and they will boost your reputation as they speak highly of you to others in the industry.

  1. Sustainable Source of Revenue

As you increase and improve your customer relationships, those customers will turn into returning customers and begin to provide a steady source of income for your business. You can start to rely on those customers to continue purchasing your products, as they rely on you to continue offering successful products and solutions.

The benefits of close customer relationships are interconnected; when you collaborate with your customers to fulfill a specific need, they will most often become loyal customers, which creates a reliable source of revenue for your company. Customer intimacy is a long-term commitment that requires time and money spent fostering relationships, but the reward for your company could mean the difference between falling behind in an ordinary crowd and standing out as a unique and trusted brand that always has the best interests of the customer in mind. At Magnum, our first step to build customer intimacy is to “make our customer the hero.” We want to make certain that when our customers use our products, they can feel confident that they are using a solution fit for the job – one that ensures their success. When you do that, the benefits for both consumer and supplier are endless.

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The All New Magnum Vanishing Plug™ - Now 99.5% Dissolvable

Posted by Cameron Tringali on Feb 9, 2016 1:28:19 PM
When we put our customers first, great things happen. That’s why at Magnum Oil Tools we always strive to make our customers the hero, by focusing on their needs and creating solutions for their challenges. We also understand that in today’s market it is more important than ever to provide our customers with the most efficient and most effective products for each well completion.

We proudly present our latest innovation, the all new Magnum Vanishing Plug™. Like its predecessor, the all new MVP™ enables operators to achieve greater efficiency by eliminating the need for costly well interventions and significantly reducing time to production. Now designed with dissolvable slips, the all new MVP™ leaves less than one cubic inch of solids downhole after dissolution.

As dissolvable technology progresses, Magnum continues to lead the industry with our innovative, designed for purpose tools. We were the first to provide our customers with a dissolvable frac plug, and with approximately 8,000 deployments of the MVP™, we have had more runs than our other competitors combined.

For more on the latest addition to our line of cutting-edge dissolvable products, click here.

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'Hot' new Technology gives snapshot of downhole conditions

Posted by Cameron Tringali on Jan 28, 2016 4:56:02 PM
At Magnum, we strive to consistently offer new, innovative products that provide simple, more efficient ways to meet each of our customers’ completion needs, while exceeding their expectations. With that said, Welcome the Magnum Hot Rod™ to our team of ground breaking technology.
When reliable downhole data is required, the Hot Rod™ is your answer. It uses proven technology to gather pressure, temperature, and time data at the bottomhole assembly during run in hole and pull out of hole operations. While running in conjunction with the Magnum Vanishing Plug™, the Hot Rod™ provides operators with an extremely accurate stage-by-stage snapshot of wellbore conditions.
It features a large 1,000,000 data set memory, 20K differential rating, and extended battery life, while also offering high pressure/high temperature compatibility. This tool provides valuable information, while eliminating the need for extra runs. For more information about the Magnum Hot Rod™ click here.
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